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flack's mistress.

icons and graphics; by lerdumcyllus
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graphic journal of lerdumcyllus
comments & credit is much appreciated
no altering, hotlinking, stealing.
no myspace, xanga. etc. you know how it goes.

10 things, a knights tale, adobe photoshop cs, alicia silverstone, amélie, anna friel, annabeth gish, arséne lupin, arwen/aragorn, audrey tautou, banners, bones, booth/brennan, bright colours, californication, calleigh/jake, cashmere mafia, casino royale, cate blanchett, catherine/grissom, celebrity icons, chase/cameron, chris/mariska, chuck, chuck/sarah, claire danes, clueless, cold case, colouring, coyote ugly, criminal intent, csi, csi miami, csi new york, csi:ny, csiny, danny/lindsay, dean/jo, dempeo, doggett/reyes, drama, drew barrymore, eddie cahill, edward norton, elizabethtown, ellen pompeo, elliot/olivia, emily proctor, emma watson, eva green, fashion, fight club, gadd, george clooney, gillian anderson, gladiator, goren/eames, graphics, grey's anatomy, harry potter, harry/hermione, heath ledger, helena bonham carter, heroes, hhr, house md, house/cuddy, house/wilson, hp actors, huddy, hugh laurie, icon coloring, icons, indiana jones, jensen ackles, jim/pam, joaquin phoenix, john mayer, johnny depp, julia roberts, julianne moore, kate hudson, kathryn morris, kiera knightley, kingdom of heaven, kirsten dunst, kiss kiss bang bang, l&o ci, las vegas, law & order svu, lily/ray, little miss sunshine, liv tyler, lj icons, loci, lois/clark, lord of the rings, lotr cast, man on fire, marg/billy, marie antoinette, meredith/derek, mischa barton, movies, mulder/scully, naomi watts, narnia, ned/chuck, orlando bloom, patrick dempsey, photoshop, pirates of the caribbean, pretty woman, pride & prejudice, private practice, psych, purple rain, pushing daisies, rachel bilson, rachel mcadams, rachel weisz, reese witherspoon, rilo kiley, samantha/martin, sandra bullock, sleepy hollow, smallville, stella/mac, straightheads, supernatural, the breakfast club, the dead zone, the dreamers, the illusionist, the office, the painted veil, the x-files, tutorials, tv shows, vanessa ferlito, vanity fair, viggo mortensen, viggo/liv, vintage, vogue, without a trace, women's murder club, zooey deschanel